HRI Services llc

HRI Services llc

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HRI Services llc is a hub for all of your welding repair, and fabrication needs in the Door & Kewaunee county area, including informative & enjoyable videos.

HRI Services llc Welding Repair and Custom Fabrication

Professional Credentials

HRI Services llc is a Sturgeon Bay area business, (actually Maplewood). By trade I am a union Steamfitter/Welder through Local 400 and have held several notable welding certifications such as the Wisconsin State Structural Certification, several certifications through notable contractors including 100% x-ray tests, carbon & stainless for applications such as high pressure steam and reactor coolant systems, handrail tests, and UA 15, UA 21, and UA 42 tests.

HRI Services llc has completed many small and medium sized projects both in repair and in fabrication. I am set up to weld aluminum and alloys, carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys, and cast iron. I am also very well versed with the use of a plasma arc, and an oxy/acetylene torch, and in both brazing and soldering. My welding processes are TIG, MIG, and SMAW, and can complete work either at my shop or at your location with my mobile trailer.

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